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Industry leadership

To provide a unifying vision for the horticulture sector, which increases collaboration between product, sector, regional and district groups and enhances the sector’s ability to respond to and influence decisions that affect it, and to develop and encourage industry-wide projects which benefit all growers.

The diversity of horticulture is our strength, not our weakness. While preserving the individuality of product and regional groups, Horticulture NZ unites the industry to work proactively and effectively under a single banner.

Industry profile

To introduce New Zealanders to the horticulture sector; its diversity, innovation, and its contribution to regional development, the economy, and to the health and wellbeing of all New Zealanders.

New Zealand has an international reputation for producing safe, high quality produce because growers have proactively set up initiatives demanding accountability and environmental best practice. A high profile for this progressive sector will help to inspire those currently working with the industry, and also attract the innovation and talent necessary to ensure its continuing success.

The right to grow and farm

To advocate on behalf of the industry to protect the natural resources which are essential to growers’ ability to use best practice to grow and export their produce. As the level of regulation and the pace of change increases, horticulture must continue to actively participate in decision making on issues such as regional and district plans, property rights, water access and quality, along with an ever increasing array of environmental issues.

A positive business environment

To address issues which have a direct impact on growers’ business’, such as seasonal labour demands, carbon tax, compliance costs, increasing user pays charges, research and development policy and border security.

Improving the business environment for growers will increase the profitability and international competitiveness of the industry, as well as attracting new industry participants and investment.

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