Company Location Waiharara and Pukenui Area, New Zealand

We are a thriving mulitple Avocado business in the Far North of New Zealand. We run 3 busy Avocado Orchards and 1 Apiary division.
If you were to ask Ian Broadhurst General Manager of Mapua, Tiri and Largus Avocado Orchards what the secret is to running a successful and productive orchard is, he will tell you it is in the people who work on the orchard, the employees are the heart and soul of a successful business and are only as good as the quality and skills of the people you employ and the support and training you provide in order for them to grow.
Ian is very passionate in his belief of providing excellent opportunities for training for the staff employed on the orchards, to up skill and to continue their learning whilst they are employed on the orchard and to create new skill sets in certain areas of the orchard or opportunities for the future by way of succession planning. It is a way for staff to gain a greater understanding and knowledge of the work they do on the orchard and provides skills sets in the science behind it all. This also provides recognition of achievements by way of NZQA recognised qualifications which can result in rewards in the way of increased remuneration rates for staff as they achieve their training goals.

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