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Recreational Services is New Zealand’s largest and most diverse parks, grounds and facility management organisations. Founded in 1992 as a specialist golf turf management company, it has grown into a full facility maintenance company with a huge inventory of plant and machinery, with over 450 staff carrying out all aspects involved with the development and maintenance of parks, reserves and sports fields - including facilities and asset management, project management and long-term contract management across 5,532 sites.

We derive great satisfaction from seeing our customers choose us for new work or for existing customers to extend our contract for a further contract term.  This tells us that a customer-first culture, continuous improvement policy and long-term commitment to performance excellence are helping us to deliver to highest business standards. We are focused on understanding the individual needs of our customers and providing exceptional service that not just meets but exceeds our customer’s requirements at every level.  We believe parks are unique and this demands a devotion of energy from people with a passion, which we have an abundance of across all levels of our organisation, we are parks people and proud of it.

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